Disabling NDRs

by Bharat Suneja

RFC 2821 requires a SMTP host to send non-delivery report if a message is accepted but cannot be delivered, and the reverse path is *not null*. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances it may be desirable to disable NDRs (entirely or for a particular domain).

In Exchange Server 2007, this can be done from the shell:

set-RemoteDomain * -DeliveryReportEnabled:$false

The above command disables NDRs for the * address space, which translates to all non-local domains that Exchange does not have an explicit path to.

From the console EMC:
Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Remote Domain -> select domain -> properties -> Message Format tab -> uncheck Allow non-delivery reports

To disable NDRs for specific domains, create new Remote Domain (or select an existing Remote Domain), and configure it as above. Replace * in the shell command with the domain name you want to configure.

This is one of those tasks that lend themselves better to the shell. :)

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Jim McBee September 15, 2006 at 8:31 pm

I agree that was easier to do in the EMS, but I am still finding it a challenge to remember all of the commands and their syntax. Not a problem if you have EMS right in front of you, but if you are trying to help someone over the phone or on the Internet, then it is a bit tougher.


Bharat Suneja September 15, 2006 at 11:41 pm

Hi Jim,

You’re right. However, part of it is because EMS is so new!

I’m fairly certain a year from now we will have figured out stuff that’s easier to do in the shell (or can only be done from the shell, as is the case with many advanced tasks), and will still resort to the GUI console (EMC) for certain tasks that lend themselves better to the console.


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