Ready to be an Exchange Ninja?

by Bharat Suneja

Microsoft finally did something I’ve been wanting and planning to do (but never quite getting to it) – yes, Exchange Server 2007 now has a wiki! And luckily in this case I’m pleased with what they’re calling it –!

If you aren’t familiar with wikis, these are web sites that allow collaborative publishing – these allow many people to add or edit content on the site.

According to the site, was created to “enable rapid sharing of tips, tricks and FAQs for the Exchange Server 2007 Beta”. I’m fairly certain the word “Beta” will be removed from this mix once the product RTMs, and this will become a helpful, “living document” for Exchange folks.

In addition to the efforts put into documenting Exchange server (I’ve always been a big fan of Exchange Tech Center site on, and an increasingly content-rich Exchange team blog, there should be no dearth of documentation or content for those wanting to dig their teeth into Exchange Server 2007.

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