Exchangepedia is recovering from an outage

by Bharat Suneja

Finally, the server that this blog is hosted on reached what appears to be end-of-life yesterday while I was out all day on an engineering off-site with no internet access (on purpose, to make it more productive!). I didn’t notice it till I got home last night.

Serves me right for continuing to use an old, beat-up server – a dual processor (hold your breath!) Pentium III 400 Mhz, with all of 256 Mb. RAM and huge 18 Gig drive! The box also served me faithfully as my home Exchange server all these years, running Exchange Server 2003, and hosting a few other sites.

I’ve been wanting to buy a new box forever to replace this one, but having a hard time deciding on the hardware – a Dell Xeon or a Pentium D, or an AMD Opteron…. anticipating Dell’s move to AMD processors.. and looking at the deals from Dell that get better with every passing week. Exchange Server 2007 is 64-bit, so I certainly need a 64-bit box.

I fell in love with Sun’s new x64 (AMD Opteron) servers and workstations at TechEd. Frankly, they’re built like PowerMacs.. .a delight to look at, and perform admirably. Nobody really makes low-end tower servers with AMD processors.

Bottomline, I have the old Dell sitting on my desk. The blog has been moved to another server – another 2000/2001 relic with PIII processors… but it continues to work for now.

What hasn’t been recovered yet:
1. Images – so you’ll see this site look a lot different… working on it
2. Flash demos and scripts – these need to be recovered from the old server’s drives. So if you’re trying to look at any demos or downloading scripts – these won’t work for now.

Estimated time of recovery for the above items is some time on Monday or Tuesday.

Sorry for the incovenience folks… but it finally pushed me to order a new server.

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