Texas spammer turns “antispam-activist” after million dollar settlement

by Bharat Suneja

In an interesting twist, Texas spammer Rylak Pitylak – listed as the world’s 4th “most prolific spammer” by Spamhaus – has turned over a new leaf and now refers to himself as an “antispam activist”. This epiphany happened after coughing up a million dollars in a settlement with Microsoft and the state of Texas, according to a report on news.com.

Says Pitylak on his blog: “Over time I have come to see how I was wrong to think of spam as just a game of cat and mouse with corporate email administrators. I now understand why so much effort is put into stopping it.”

It’s great Mr. Pitylak now sees the light. If more spammers follow suit and turn into good guys, even if they don’t go to the extent of becoming “antispam activists”, it’ll help us get rid of the scrouge of Unsolicited Commercial Email aka spam.

Thanks Microsoft, and the state of Texas, for pursuing this case and winning!

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