Changes to this blog

by Bharat Suneja

If you’ve visted this blog before, there’s a good likelihood you noticed the changes!

– I have just moved to a 3-column format to be able to include more information/links/navigation.
– I am trying categories, and this feature will change over time. If you have any input regarding this, please leave a comment!
– The big changes: I’ve changed the name of the blog. Something I was planning to do for a while! After having brainstormed different names (and checking availability of names… ), Tariq – one of the cool Exchange SAs at Zenprise – came up with this name that most folks liked instantly! So Exchangepedia it is.
– Over the next week, I will be moving the blog to its new home:

I would love to get feedback from visitors regarding these changes and appreciate all comments – whether you love it or hate it, so please provide feedback by leaving comments.

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