More on 64-bit Exchange 12

by Bharat Suneja

The 64-bit E12 story is turning out to be even more exciting with this tidbit from Bob Muglia’s keynote at IT Forum, courtesy Eileen Brown’s blog post.

The product team has found signficant gains with E12 on 64-bit boxes. The numbers are mind-boggling. For starters, the IOPS (IOs per second) reduced by almost 75% compared to Exchange Server 2003! This could result in the same box supporting 4x as many users! In other words, you would need 1/4 the disks to support same number of users (in terms of IOPS, not storage space… ), and result in a reduction of close to 80% in the capital cost of mailbox servers.

If Exchange Server 2003 is seen as the version that started a consolidation wave, E12 might as well be the version that starts a consolidation tsunami!

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