Adding disclaimers to outbound SMTP messages

by Bharat Suneja

Disclaimers are increasingly becoming commonplace in email messages sent to external (and at times internal) recipients. Security policies at many organizations require these disclaimers.

If you’ve been looking for this feature in Exchange System Manager, it’s not there yet! You need to use a SMTP Event Sink to get this done.

Microsoft has couple of KB artciles with code in VBScript and VisualBasic for creating and registering a disclaimer event sink:
1. KB317680 How to add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic script
2. KB317327 How to add a disclaimer to outgoing STMP messages in Visual Basic

Rui Silva’s article on – Disclaimer Fun – provides some additional functionality, and compares performance of the VBScript and the VisualBasic DLL. One would assume the DLL beats the script to pulp – surprise, surprise! The script is the winner in this case – it took 9 minutes to process 5000 messages, the DLL tooko 15 (albeit less taxing to the CPU).

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