Blackberry SIMs and PINs

by Bharat Suneja

(Some) Blackberry handheld devices have phones – which is a good thing, the GSM coverage is getting better.

Things to keep in mind: the phone and the data communications use different services. The phone works with the SIM card – like any other GSM phone. For data communications, the Blackberries identify each other (and Blackberry Enterprise Server) using a PIN number.

It’s possible to have the phone working, but the PIN could be deactivated resulting in no data communication. A common scenario where this occurs: One user leaves, someone calls and deactivates the account. The Blackberry is being swapped with someone else – you change SIMs. That’s when the phone works and the data doesn’t.


  1. Can make/receive phone calls.
  2. Cannot browse the Internet
  3. Cannot send/receive email
  4. When you try to send and email, it fails. When you open the message, the Status shows Service Blocked.
  5. On the BES server, in User Stats the result of last transaction is: Refused by handheld.
  6. To resolve this, call the Service Provider (AT&T Wireless in my case) to check and have the PIN activated.

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