Update – HOW TO: Find an email address in Active Directory

by Bharat Suneja on November 14, 2006

SKIP THIS POST and head over to the comprehensive post that shows five ways you can find an email address in Active Directory. Read the roll-up post HOW TO: Find an email address in Active Directory.
(OK, if you must really know, we merged content from this post with a previous post which shows you how to find a recipient with a specified email address using ADUC‘s Saved Queries feature.)

4 Using CSVDE/LDIFDE to find an email address:Saved Queries isn’t available in the Windows 2000 version of ADUC. You can also use CSVDE or LDIFDE to export this information to a file, using the following command:

csvde -f outputfilename.csv -d “dc=domain,dc=com” -r “(&(mailnickname=*)(proxyAddresses=smtp:foo@domain.com))” -l name

Replace “dc=domain,dc=com” with your AD domain name and suffix, and foo@domain.com with the exact email address you’re looking for.

To find all recipients who have an email address from a particular SMTP domain, you can use a wildcard, e.g.:

csvde -f outputfilename.csv -d “dc=domain,dc=com” -r “(&(mailnickname=*)(proxyAddresses=smtp:*@domain.com))” -l name

In the above example, only the name field is exported. All CSVDE/LDIFDE queries also return the object’s distinguishedName. To add more fields to the list, insert a coma after name and type new field names separated by a coma: e.g.


5 Finding email addresses using the Exchange shell (Exchange 2010/2007): The Exchange 2010/2007 shell makes it easier (once you familiarize yourself with shell basics). To get a list of all recipients with email addresses from a particular domain:

get-recipient | where {$_.emailaddresses -match “domain.com”} | select name,emailaddresses

To get a list of recipients with a particular email address:

get-recipient | where {$_.emailaddresses -match “foo@domain.com”} | select name,emailaddresses


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