HOW TO: Export all email addresses from a domain

Background: The Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC) UI lets you list the mail column for each object, which displays the default (SMTP) email address for objects. You can export the list from ADUC to a CSV/txt file. However, any additional email addresses in the proxyAddresses attribute are not exported. There’s no GUI interface (in […]

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Getting Dell Service Tag using WMI

Need to maintain an accurate inventory of servers in datacenter. Dell servers have a Service Tag that is required when calling Dell support, and it makes sense to include this in the server list. Here’s how to retrieve the Service Tag from the system BIOS. This uses WMI, and therefore works only on Windows servers. […]

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Import user attributes from OpenLDAP

Recently I imported the employeeID (and a few other attributes) from an OpenLDAP directory into Active Directory. Problem was different distinguishedName attributes in both directories – the OpenLDAP directory had a different OU structure. The Problem We have a LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) dump from OpenLDAP in the following format : dn: distinguishedName not […]

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