Microsoft to end newsgroup support in favor of forums

Starting next month, Microsoft will be ending support for NNTP newsgroups in favor of web-based forums. This marks an end of an era for many. Although I’ve preferred newsgroups over the web-based forums for a long time, the forums have matured significantly over the years and now present a great user experience. Over the past […]

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Geek Out With Perry: New Video Series and Blog

It’s been over two months since I posted here! No, I’m not taking a break– at least not an intentional one, and hopefully will get back to posting regularly soon. Meanwhile, check out the posts on You Had Me At EHLO… (the Exchange team blog). And if you’ve been monitoring the team blog, you must […]

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Microsoft’s “Creative Product Naming Dept” Does Exist

The “Creative Product Naming Dept” that I’ve talked about several times here [read a previous post “It’s Official – Exchange “12” is now Exchange Server 2007“] does in fact exist at Microsoft! CNET cites recent product names such as Silverlight, Popfly, and Surface as evidence that Microsoft “has put in place a concerted effort […]

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