Exchange 2007 Content Filter: How to move messages to Junk Mail folder

You’ve setup Exchange Server 2007, and configured the shiny new Content Filter agent (CFA), which is more than just a rewrite of the equally loved and hated Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) from Exchange Server 2003. How do you configure it? Spam Confidence Level (SCL) Thresholds in Exchange 2007/2010 The CFA has the following three thresholds, […]

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Enabled by default: SMTP Tarpit in Exchange Server 2007

From a recent discussion, and something I’ve been wanting to post about for a while: SMTP tarpitting is enabled by default on Receive Connectors in Exchange 2007 (and Exchange 210). What is SMTP tarpitting? It’s the process of introducing a delay in SMTP connections from hosts that are suspected of inappropriate SMTP behavior – for […]

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Install anti-spam agents on Hub Transport server

If you’re using Exchange Server 2007 in a topology with an Edge Transport server, the anti-spam agents – Connection Filtering, Content Filter Hub Transport node in the EMC. After the antispam agents are installed, you can see the Anti-spam tab in Organization Configuration | Hub Transport node in EMC. If your console was open during […]

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